BOTS Entertainment was founded in 2003 by
Karinda L. Washington, as a result of the Battle of the Sexes: Men
vs Women in Singing, Rapping and Poetry Talent  Showcase,
which Washington initiated while an undergraduate student at
Eastern Michigan University.

The Battle started as an online talent showcase with participants
signing on from all over the world.  There was representation from
China, India, Korea, Iraq, and of course the USA.  Once the
popularity of the event outgrew cyberspace, Washington
decided to introduce the event to the Motor City, with the first show
being held, December 16, 2002.  It was held at Hockeytown  Cafe  
January 2003- 2005, and has featured hundreds of talented artists.  
Currently, the Battle is a rotating talent showcase, appearing in
venues around the world.

Here is a list of past and present BOTS Projects:

Adopt the Jerome H.  Remick Music (Band) Shell- Belle Isle
A Salute to Black History Month- Office of Wayne County
Commissioner Bernard
EMU Block Fair
Hip Hop Dance Show
Hip Hop Mile 2005-2007
Stop the Violence Rally 2004-Office of
Councilwoman JoAnn Watson

BOTS currently offers a series of
services      Please be sure to
keep us in your prayers as our company continues to impact the
(c) BOTS Entertainment 2003-2008
About Us